Join the Play Equity Movement

We can’t do this on our own. The problem is too big and too complex without your help.

The Play Equity Fund has a clear blueprint for closing the Play Equity Gap. This crisis is too big for us to take on alone. There is strength in numbers, and the urgency continues to grow. To accelerate this process toward closing this gap, we need everyone to join with us.

This is a movement with the goal of being a historic collaboration to make a real impact on the lives of children, with sports teams, leagues, athletes, corporate brands, foundations, media organizations and citizens stepping up to increase and target funding to organizations who are supporting kids and communities that are most in need.

Be Part of the Solution.
Providing equal access to sports and play is a social justice issue, and the Play Equity Fund is dedicated to supporting programs and actions to ensure all kids have equal access to sport and structured play.

How To Participate In The Play Equity Movement

Sports Teams & Corporate Partners

  • Invest in the fund.
  • Create opportunities for fans/consumers to participate too (e.g. buy a ticket and donate, buy a Play Equity limited edition product and donate, etc.)
  • Raise awareness about the movement through your media platforms.
Athletes & Influencers
  • Invest in the fund.
  • Act as ambassadors of the movement.
  • Wear Play Equity Swag.
  • Activate your social platforms to amplify our Play Equity message.
Concerned Citizens
  • Invest in the fund.
  • Buy products and services from teams, leagues and participant brand partners.
  • Raise awareness about the movement and invite your friends to join.

Everyone can be a strategic partner in this effort. When you learn about this problem that ails society and is hiding in plain sight, you want to be part of the solution. Share our story, join our effort and help us get more resources. We need everyone to join to make it happen!