Alliance Student Empowerment Program Launch

LOS ANGELES (Jan 25, 2021) – The Alliance Student Empowerment Program teaches student athletes skills to become the next generation of leaders and activist athletes. The semester-long program encourages students to create social change in their communities.

Launched on January 25th, 2021, the pilot program is active in 2 Los Angeles area high schools.

In this Q&A, principals from the two pilot high schools introduce the program. They elaborate on what the program means to them, to their students, and they outline what to expect as the Student Empowerment Program grows.

The principals share what they hope their students gain from this program.

Stuart Krohn, the Director of ICEF Student Leadership Academy at View Park Prep High school and the rugby and sailing coach hopes students learn that “being active in sports can give you a bigger voice and opportunity beyond the competitions that you experience while you are in high school.”

Donna Jacobson, the Director of LA Promise Fund, says “to hear from others how they achieved their dreams is so powerful. I have never seen anything like this program.”

The principals at the two partner high schools identify the barriers their students face.

Lisa Finegan of View Park Prep is the Director of K-12 physical education, the high school head PE coach, and the ICEF girls rugby coach. She says, “This year as a result of virtually teaching, I have definitely seen screen time is a massive barrier for students to get involved.”

Stuart Krohn, acknowledges that students face a “lack of opportunity that other kids in surrounding areas have access too.”

The Alliance and the Play Equity Fund’s Student Empowerment Program aims to level the playing field and to increase student engagement in sports. The program uses sports as an entryway to leadership and advocacy for student athletes.

The program’s curriculum was co-created by the Brotherhood Crusade and the Community Coalition. Curriculum objectives include training participants in organizing and identifying social issues to address and facilitating students’ understanding of community conditions. The curriculum promotes advocacy and aims to foster confidence in students to engage with policymakers. The program gives student athletes opportunities to  connect with fellow student athletes and to hear from inspirational professional athletes through events.

The Alliance is invested in the Los Angeles community and strives to provide opportunities for all youth.