Who We Are


The Play Equity Fund is focused on bringing the transformational power of sport and play to all children, regardless of their race, gender, zip code or socioeconomic status. The Play Equity Fund is the only nonprofit focused solely on Play Equity as a social justice issue. The Play Equity Fund was established by The LA84 Foundation as its 501(c)3 public charity partner.

We are inspired by the data and statistics that indicate the lack of equal access to sports for kids is a crisis hidden in plain sight, and research clearly shows the importance of sports and structured play in kid’s lives. Equal access to sports is a social justice issue.

The importance of Play Equity to support kids and communities demands finding sustainable solutions. The Play Equity Fund is the cornerstone of this movement.

As an organization, we will fund and scale effective and impactful programs, including school-based sports, coaching education, infrastructure development and juvenile justice programs. The Play Equity Fund will invest in research and increase data collection, evaluations, assessments and information sharing to advance solutions that work to close the Play Equity Gap.

On an institutional level, we will provide leadership nationally and support practitioners, advocates and organizations that are working to drive policy and systems change. We will support those who are identifying new possibilities for how things might be done, researching emerging trends and challenging the status quo.
We will also coordinate and collaborate with national and global sporting events to support Play Equity.

Children need an environment that will help them grow, explore, play and achieve their potential. Our communities need help in fighting a crisis, as sports isn’t as available as it once was – nor are the life benefits that organized sports and structured play provides. The Play Equity Fund is here to nurture, build and create opportunities for equal access for all children.