Women Who Lifted Me Up

The Women Who Lifted Me Up series, a continuation of #Women’sHistoryMonth, recognizes women who positively impacted members from the ALLIANCE: Los Angeles’ 11 teams. This series highlights how coaches, mentors, mothers, wives, and friends have helped Alliance members achieve their goals.

Learn from members of the Alliance how the women in their lives empowered them.

Katie Pandolfo – Dignity Sports Park

Katie Pandolfo, the Dignity Sports Park General Manager praises Kim Ng, her former colleague at the Dodgers organization for inspiring her success. Pandolfo applauds Ng’s ability to learn each person’s job and to treat all people with respect. Pandolfo attributes organizational success to ensuring that different voices contribute to big decisions.

Allison Miner – LA Chargers

Allison Miner, the Assistant Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles Chargers met her mentor Carolyn Peters while working at San Diego State. She credits Peters with teaching her to find “strength in the details.”  Miner emphasized how sports teaches people how to work together.

Lauren Douglas – LA Lakers

Lauren Douglas, a broadcast coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers credits her mentor Ndidi Massay for impacting her life personally and professionally. Douglas, a student athlete at Northwestern University looked up to Massay, a Northwestern softball alum. Massay helped Douglas secure an internship at ABC News in New York, an integral step in her career. Massay offered advice and taught Douglas the importance of women supporting each other across all industries.

Blake Lizotte – LA Kings

Blake Lizotte, a center for the LA Kings, was taught by his mom to be humble and to help others. Reflecting on his experiences from youth to professional sports he said, “People always say that sports reveal character… But I think it mostly reveals what kind of character and type of person you are when you face adversity.”

Kirsten Watson – LA Dodgers

Kirsten Watson, the reporter and host of the Los Angeles Dodgers was taught by her mom that you should never be afraid to ask if you need help. She strives to be an example for women who follow in her footsteps and notes in “Everything I do, I must lift as I climb.”

Sarina Morales – LA Rams

Kirsten Watson, the reporter and host of the Los Angeles Rams was impacted by first baseball coach and her mom. She would tell women who want to be in sports to take care of themselves to succeed in a career in sports.