LOS ANGELES (July 20, 2020) – The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles and the Play Equity Fund will hold a Sports for Social Justice Symposium on July 22 from 10:30 am-12 pm. This webinar will include leaders from The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, as well as social justice leaders, and will be moderated by Emmy Award-winning journalist Jemele Hill. The event coincides with National Youth Sports Week, which takes place July 20-24.

The term social justice can be broadly defined as the degree of fairness or justice in the opportunities and access to resources, wealth, political representation, and privileges within a given society. But recent protests globally have once again put on the forefront the racial injustices that still permeate communities of color, especially Black communities. For decades sports teams, leagues and athletes have used sport as a platform to fight for racial equality and other social justice issues. This moment demands that we all do more. It is an opportunity to unite and use the power of sport for positive social change in communities across the nation.

Los Angeles is leading the way through a historic collaboration of all 11 professional sports teams by joining as allies to address racial injustice, educational opportunities, career pathways, and other important issues facing Black communities. This new collaboration, The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, is partnering with the Play Equity Fund to manage this initiative for sustained impact in greater LA and to ensure this moment also addresses the issue of Play Equity.

The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles will draw upon the Play Equity Fund’s leadership in supporting programs and actions to ensure all kids have access to sport and structured play, supporting the sports-based youth development ecosystem and developing partnerships to advocate for sustainable solutions to ensure kids of color have access to pathways for lifelong wellbeing.

In the Sport for Social Justice Symposium, leaders will engage in an active conversation led by Hill to explore how sports and athletes can use this pivotal moment to raise awareness, drive investment and impact for social justice.

“This is a conversation we have looked forward to since the launch of The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, and we are thrilled to have Jemele Hill as our moderator to lead the discussion,” said Renata Simril, President & CEO of the Play Equity Fund. “Athletes throughout history have used the power of their voices and platforms to fight for change in society. We embrace that legacy, and we will discuss the strength of The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles collaboration with 11 pro sports teams committed and inspired to use their influence to support social justice issues and communities of color.”

The panelists include:

  • Tim Harris, Chief Operating Officer, President of Business Operations & Chief Marketing Officer, Los Angeles Lakers
    • Harris will explain how the 11 teams of The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles as a specific response and forged a comprehensive five-year commitment to drive investment and impact for social justice in communities of color through sport with innovative and positive models of engagement.
  • Renata Simril, President & CEO, Play Equity Fund
    • Throughout the discussion, Simril will focus on Play Equity as a social justice issue, and how the Play Equity Fund will be working with the 11 teams that form The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles and professional athletes to drive sustained change to positively impact communities of color.
  • Michael Bennett, NFL player, activist and philanthropist
    • Bennett has played in the NFL for 11 years. He wrote a book in 2018, “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.” During his career, he has been known for his philanthropic work through The Bennett Foundation, his commitment to supporting marginalized communities, and unfiltered activism.
  • Mike de la Rocha, Revolve Impact CEO
    • de la Rocha founded Revolve Impact, an award-winning social action and creative agency based in Los Angeles that works closely with Athletes For Impact. de la Rocha will discuss his efforts, which are on the leading edge of working with a network of athletes to educate and inform these influencers on issues that can amplify, grow and support social justice initiatives.

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